Announces the Recipients of the Traveller Review Awards 2022 and the World’s Most Welcoming Places for This Year today announced the winners of its tenth annual Traveller Review Awards, which include the 2022 Most Welcoming Places on Earth, based on more than 232 million verified opinions from real travellers. A total of 1,261,273 lodging providers, car rental locations, and pre-booked taxi providers are being recognised with a Traveller Review Award 2022 in 220 countries and territories throughout the world. Italy has the most accommodations recognised with a 2022 award (162,272), followed by Spain (93,130), France (89,186), Croatia (58,630), Germany (69,702), Russia (59,661), the United Kingdom (53,623), Brazil (46,928), the United States (43,417), and Australia (18,663).

Travelers continue to prefer apartments and one-of-a-kind accommodations.

Apartments are the most-awarded property category in the Traveller Review Awards 2022 for the fifth year in a row, with 561,843 partners being acknowledged for their work. Hotels are ranked second with 172,530 establishments honoured, followed by holiday homes (148,962), guest houses (98,466), and bed and B&Bs (79,859). Italy has the most award-winning homes, apartments, and other unique places to stay (144,658), followed by Spain (83,654), France (79,278), Croatia (57,629), and Germany (56,977).

Staff who are friendly and accommodating make the difference

When it came to the particular features of their visits that customers valued most at the 1,259,594 places that earned a Traveller Review Award 2022, the highest average marks were given to staff (9.0), cleanliness (8.9), and location (8.9). This is significantly higher than other factors considered, such as facilities (8.6) or value for money (8.5), highlighting the significance of those warm, friendly contacts during the stay, as well as health and hygiene in light of the global COVID-19 pandemic’s changing condition.

The attention is on transportation providers.

Rental car and airport taxi companies, which have 1,628 pick-up sites in 160 countries, are also being recognised for their exceptional service and easy travel experiences for the third year in a row. Spain takes the lead with 220 rental car pick-up sites, followed by Italy (177), France (141), the United States (108), and Australia (108). (98). This year, an award will be given to 7,091 airport taxi drivers from 51 cab companies in 1,400 cities around the world.

 Arjan Dijk, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer for said “As the travel industry has remained vigilant and flexible in light of the continued uncertainty and travel restrictions we’ve seen over the course of the past year, the passion and dedication of our partners to create safe and welcoming travel experiences for everyone all over the world has continued to shine through. Looking towards the future with renewed optimism and hope, with these awards we recognise the incredible hospitality our partners deliver to travellers each and every day and thank them for their amazing devotion as we continue to rebuild together.”

Matera:  The World’s Most Inviting Places in 2022

The 2022 Most Welcoming Places on Earth span the world and give guests a variety of unique travel experiences, from historic architectural treasures to pristine natural beauty. Matera, in southern Italy, leads this year’s list of the Most Welcoming Cities in the World, thanks to its renowned carved cave structures, which have been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Two honorees from 2020 have been added to the 2022 list: Taitung City in Taiwan and Monte Verde in Brazil.

The World’s Most Inviting Cities in 2022

Matera is a town in Italy.

Slovenian town of Bled

Taiwan’s Taitung City

Greece’s Nafplio

Toledo is a city in Spain.

Brazil’s Monte Verde

Belgium’s Bruges

Indonesian island of Nusa Lembongan

Portugal’s Ponta Delgada (Azores)

Vietnam’s Hoi An

For the second year in a row, Taitung County (Taiwan), Tasmania (Australia), and Nova Scotia (Canada) are among the 2022 Most Welcoming Regions, which span six continents.

The World’s Most Inviting Regions in 2022

Gorenjska is a town in Slovenia (Slovenia)

Taitung County is located in Taiwan (Taiwan)

Tasmania is a state in Australia (Australia)

Burgenland is a German state (Austria)


Canterbury is a city in England (New Zealand)

Santa Cruz is a city in the state of California (Argentina)

Nova Scotia is a province in Canada (Canada)

Limón is a Spanish word that means “little (Costa Rica)

Rioja is a wine region in Spain (Spain)

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