How to Plan a Unique Staycation that will Help you Relax and Rejuvenate


It’s true: For the last year, a good portion of the world that was used to taking regular vacations away from home found themselves staying at home, often through no choice of their own. But in fact, many people have long chosen to take time off and not go anywhere. Often they want to accomplish some big project or task. However, you can choose to take what’s known as a staycation and instead treat yourself so that you feel refreshed and relaxed, not stuck with a to-do list that’s too long.

For starters, think about how you’ll use the extra time that you won’t spend packing, going to an airport, checking into a hotel, or just settling down to wherever you’ve decided to go. In addition, just because you’re staying at home doesn’t mean you can’t do special things.

Want some staycation ideas? This graphic gets you started.

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