Lithuania Updates List of Affected Countries: Warns Against Non-Essential Travels


As some countries begin to experience a rise in the number of new cases of the Coronavirus disease, governments have begun to review the list of countries that can come in for non-essential travels. The Lithuanian government recently added Belgium, the Netherlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Bermuda, and Curacao to the list of countries and regions with a high rate of Coronavirus disease.

This implies that the self-isolation requirements for these countries and regions will now be tighter than before. The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania has also warned against non-essential travels to the above countries and regions.

Malta has been removed from the list of countries that will be subjected to tighter self-isolation requirements.

According to the information on the website of the Ministry of Health, the following rules will apply to the countries with high infection rates:

Travellers will be required to complete a registration form prior to arrival in Lithuania and to show the confirmation (QR code) to the carrier when boarding the vehicle, or those travelling by their own transport will have to show it to the NPHC staff or other officials at the border checkpoint or passenger checkpoint.

Frontier workers, also those crossing the border between the Republic of Lithuania and another European Union country every day or every working day (those travelling for work-related purpose, pupils, students and trainees) are required to show the confirmation of the negative result of a test for COVID-19 taken 7 days at the earliest before the return or arrival in Lithuania, when they travel by their own transport.

A COVID-19 test (PCR test or antigen test from nasopharynx) is mandatory. The test for COVID-19 taken within 72 hours before the entry to Lithuania must be negative and it must be presented to the carrier before the journey. The test for COVID-19 will be mandatory for individuals from the age of 16 inclusively. 

An exemption will apply for countries of the EEA in the case when they are travelling by their own transport: they will have to have a negative test for COVID-19 taken within 72 hours before the entry to Lithuania or they will have to register and book such testing in Lithuania within 24 hours of the arrival.

 A 10-day self-isolation is mandatory. No walks outside. Self-isolation in the same house or apartment with other family members who have not travelled together, is not possible. When self-isolating with a family, the family members will be required to stay in self-isolation for the same period of time (they will not be issued a sick-leave certificate);

There is a possibility of shortening the self-isolation time by taking a COVID-19 test (PCR), at personal expense, on the 7th day of self-isolation at the earliest, with a negative response thereof.

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