SAS Traffic Figure in January 2022: Ramp-up Was Slowed Down by Omicron

SAS Airline

According to SAS, 760,000 passengers travelled with the airline in January, representing a 170 percent rise over the same month last year. In addition, SAS’ capacity expanded by nearly 170 percent as compared to the same period the previous year. Compared to the previous month, the overall number of passengers declined by about 25%, while the total amount of available space decreased by nearly ten percent. The flown load factor for January was 49 percent, an improvement of 19 percentage points when compared to the same month the previous year.

Anko van der Werff, President & CEO of SAS said “it will come as no surprise that Omicron had an impact on customer demand during the month, with additional travel restrictions being imposed on our core markets. The overall operational environment was also negatively affected due to increased sickness rates. Winter is in general a slower season and the industry still faces uncertainties regarding the development of the pandemic and SAS must continue to respond to changes in demand. However, our longer-term outlook is that we see the demand for travel increase as restrictions ease.”

SAS scheduled trafficJan21Change1Nov21- Jan22Change1
ASK (Mill.)2,063157.6%6,745145.4%
RPK (Mill.)982309.8%3,712361.5%
Passenger load factor47.6%        17.7pp55.0% 25.8 pp
No. of passengers (000)724158.5%3,010201.5%
SAS charter trafficJan22Change1Nov21- Jan22Change1
ASK (Mill.)1512,088.6%3271,492.0%
RPK (Mill.)1033,723.5%2412,975.5%
Load factor68.0%29.1 pp73.6%35.5 pp
No. of passengers (000)344,704.1%723,200.8%
SAS total traffic (scheduled and charter)Jan22Change1Nov21- Jan22Change1
ASK (Mill.)2,214174.1%7,072155.4%
RPK (Mill.)1,085347.7%3,953386.8%
Load factor49.0%19.0 pp55.9%26.6 pp
No. of passengers (000)758169.9%3,082208.0%

1 Change compared to same period last year, p p = percentage points

Preliminary yield and PASKJan22Nominal change1FX adjusted change
Yield, SEK0.85-29.1%-27.4%
PASK, SEK0.4012.8%15.5%
Punctuality (arrival 15 min)75.2%
Change in total COemissions35.2%
Change in COemissions per available seat kilometer,-8.9%
Carbon offsetting of passenger related emissions42.8%


RPK – Revenue passenger kilometers

ASK – Available seat kilometers
Load factor – RPK/ASK
Yield – Passenger revenues/RPK (scheduled)

PASK – Passenger revenues/ASK (scheduled)

About SAS: SAS has the most departures and a competitive service for customers who travel often to, from, and within Scandinavia, according to the International Air Transport Association. The Scandinavian Airlines Group (SAS) operated more than 800 scheduled flights per day in fiscal year 2018, transporting a total of more than 30 million passengers to and from SAS’ 125 destinations in Europe, the United States, and Asia. A membership in Star AllianceTM provides SAS with access to a vast worldwide network of airlines and the convenience of seamless connections. SAS also provides ground handling services, technical maintenance, and air cargo services in addition to airline operations.

Source: SAS

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