3 Strategies for Boosting Employee Confidence when Travelling

According to the GBTA CWT Global Business Travel Forecast, air, ground, and hotel rates are expected to rise in 2022, prompting many travellers to look for ways to save. However, pricing alone is not always enough to ensure your program’s success.

In the end, you will need to strike a balance between three things – employee happiness, company performance, and environmental concerns.

While many passengers are ready to go back on the road, they require further assurances regarding their well-being and safety. Here are three measures to ensuring that your passengers have the information they require to get back to work.

Stay ahead of the curve

The Return to Travel Dashboards from CWT are specifically developed for travel managers. They combine globally aggregated CWT-booked travel data with daily COVID-19 risk and travel restriction information from different sources in one spot.

Additionally, their trip approval services are simple to set up and use. They make travel management simple since you set the rules and CWT handle the bookings. Additionally, employee well-being is aided by the fact that excursions are evaluated and approved prior to booking. Most importantly, it gives a tailored experience, allowing employees to return to travel with confidence.

Checklists and tools

Make sure you have systems in place to keep your travelling personnel informed about cancellations and potential hazards while on the road. The Return to Travel Checklist is intended to assist passengers in anticipating and reducing risk throughout their journey.

Travelers and travel planners can use CWT Travel Essentials to get up-to-date information on a destination country’s travel advisories, restrictions, and procedures. It can be accessed through the myCWT website, the CWT app, and the CWT global website.

Travelers can call their CWT counsellor at any time, from anywhere, with just one click.

Simplify the booking process

Travelers desire a straightforward and personalised business travel booking experience similar to what they get when they go on vacation. myCWT is an omni-channel platform that also enables personal preferences thanks to profile integration. Travelers may have a hassle-free booking experience because to the platform’s flexibility, booking options, and information. CWT continues to add new capabilities to myCWT to help you and your travelling staff manage their travel.

CWT is a travel management software for B2B4E (Business-to-Business-for-Employees). Companies and governments rely on them to keep their employees linked — no matter where they are, at any time. They provide innovative technology and an efficient, safe, and secure travel experience to employees across six continents, underpinned by three key promises: to simplify business travel, to connect to unleash opportunities, and to go forward, together.

Source: CWT

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