ACI Europe and Airlink Will Gather Funds for Transporting Humanitarian Aid to Ukrainian Refugees


ACI Europe and a non-profit organisation dedicated to catastrophe logistics Airlink will gather funds to assist in the transportation of humanitarian aid to Ukrainian refugees.

ACI Europe, the airport trade association, has begun a fundraising campaign among its 500+ members, as well as their business partners and employees, to support relief efforts following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the ensuing humanitarian crisis. The Ukraine Crisis Airport Response is a collaboration between ACI Europe and Airlink, a non-profit humanitarian logistics organisation, and marks the first time the two organisations have collaborated on a disaster response fundraising effort.

Airlink provides free and significantly subsidised airlifts to a network of over 120 non-governmental organisations, ensuring that the expenses of air travel are not a barrier to disaster relief. Last year, the organisation transported over 1,000 responders, supplied 10 million pieces of personal protective equipment, and delivered humanitarian relief to over 7.8 million individuals.

Olivier Jankovec, Director General of ACI Europe, said: “The scale of humanitarian need we are seeing unfolding in the region is unimaginable. We are shocked, saddened and appalled to see the distress and suffering not only in Ukraine but rippling through Europe as the diaspora of refugees seek safety, aid and shelter.

“We all want to do what we can – and our partnership with Airlink will enable airports and their wider business communities to channel transport resources and support where they are most needed. I am grateful for the amazing work Airlink is doing and for the opportunity to partner with them and engage our airport community in their actions.”

Airlink has transported approximately 108,000 pounds of humanitarian material, including medical supplies, blankets, tarps, and solar generators, since Russian armed forces invaded Ukraine almost three weeks ago. It has also dispatched 87 responders on behalf of 16 other non-governmental organisations. Medical workers, as well as evaluation and scouting teams, were among the first teams assembled, allowing NGOs to establish warehousing and distribution networks.

“We are delighted to have the support of ACI Europe and its membership. We are very proud to be a part of the aviation family which again has shown how willing it is to support vulnerable communities in crisis”, said Steve Smith, Airlink President and CEO. “The funds that ACI Europe and its members raise will make a material difference to the lives of thousands of Ukrainian refugees.

Airlink believes that the needs of Ukrainian refugees will persist after hostilities have ended, and that this will necessitate a long-term response from NGOs.

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Source: ACI Europe

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