Estonia Suspends the e-Residency Programme for Russian and Belarussian Citizens

e-Residency Digital ID Card

As part of EU financial sanctions imposed in response to the Russian and Belarusian military invasion in Ukraine, the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board has informed e-Residency about some limitations imposed on Russia and Belarus.

The review of e-Residency applications from Belarusians and Russians has been halted, and no decision on whether to award e-Residency will be made until further notice.

The issuance of e-Residency digital ID cards has been halted at all of the official pickup sites.

For those with Belarusian or Russian citizenship, the opportunity to modify the e-Residency kit pickup location is presently unavailable.

Estonia’s e-residency is open to individuals from all countries (except for Russia and Belarus which have now been suspended). The majority of e-residents are digital entrepreneurs who seek to start and run a business in the European Union. Business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers, consultants, and digital nomads can all use it. Citizens from other countries can use the e-residency programme to gain access to a variety of services in Estonia, including banking, company creation, processing, payment, and taxation.

The publication also added that “many private companies and service providers listed on the e-Residency Marketplace have decided to apply restrictions on account access and also on monetary transactions with Russia and Belarus.”

As a gesture of solidarity with the people of Ukraine, several financial services firms have opted to apply their own restrictions in addition to the sanctions.

Source: e-Resident

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