Norway’s New Travel Rule Cancels Covid 19 Test At the Border


Following a change in Covid-19 regulations, travelling to Norway has become significantly easier for nearly two years. As it is now, travellers arriving at the Norwegian border will no longer need to undergo the Covid-19 test in order to enter the country.

The government of Norway announced this change as part of a broader effort to improve the travel experience at pubs, restaurants, and events.

Anyone travelling to Norway should continue to register with an online system in order to track and control the spread of infectious diseases. This applies to Norwegian nationals as well as anyone who has received all of their vaccinations. There is no travel ban in effect, which means that the pre-pandemic travel norms for entry into the country apply once more. Citizens of several nations, including the United States, are permitted to visit Norway without first obtaining a visitor visa from the country’s immigration authorities.

In the absence of a valid Covid-19 digital certificate (demonstrating complete immunisation or recent infection), travellers must show documentation of a negative Covid-19 test (PCR or antigen) performed within 24 hours of departure.

In a news conference, Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre stated that  “with everything we know today, it is right to remove most infection control measures,”  Additionally, Støre declared that earlier restrictions on the sale of alcoholic beverages as well as capacity limits for indoor and outdoor events will be repealed. There are still some recommendations in existence, such as the wearing of masks when social distancing cannot be maintained, such as when travelling by public transportation.

According to a government news statement, the government hopes to get all remaining measures lifted by February 17. Støre, on the other hand, ended the press conference on a cautious note: “I would still like to emphasize that the pandemic is not over…”

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