TripStack and Navitaire Partner to Bring Virtual Interline Technology to Airlines


The strategic partnership between TripStack and Navitaire was announced on June 27, 2022. As a result, Navitaire hosted airlines will be able to offer Virtual Interline (also known as self-connect) itineraries that are powered by TripStack technology.

The alliance will provide the 60+ Navitaire hosted carriers with the chance to grow their current networks and make more money without the expense and complexity of conventional interline agreements. Without typical interline agreements, virtual interlining connects flights between carriers. Passengers are in charge of moving their checked luggage between carriers at connecting airports. Lower prices and more airline connecting possibilities are two advantages. The TripStack Self-Connect Guarantee, which offers in-trip customer help in the event of missed connections or schedule changes, protects transfers.

 “We have been working very hard to build our Self-Connect technology and are very excited to be partnering with a highly respected company such as Navitaire. We look forward to serving Navitaire customers and further expanding Self-Connect solutions together with Navitaire in the future. It is such an exciting time to be in the travel industry,” said Gabor Toth, CEO of TripStack.

According to David P. Evans, CEO of Navitaire: “We believe our partnership with TripStack, another leader focused on enabling true Virtual Interline capabilities, can provide groundbreaking opportunities for our airline customers. Together, we’ll offer a flexible and less complex way for airlines to reach more customers using modern technology to streamline the Virtual Interline booking process”.

About TripStack

Since its founding in 2016, TripStack ( has dominated the Virtual Interlining (VI) technology market. Virtual interlining combines carriers into a single route without the need of conventional interlining agreements. It enables airlines to broaden their network and product selection while giving customers additional connections at more affordable rates. TripStack is part of  The ETraveli Group and they have offices in Canada, India, and Poland.

About Navitaire

With 819 million passengers carried in 2019, Navitaire (, an Amadeus business, provides market-beating technology services to more than 60 airlines and train companies globally. This includes several of the most prosperous low-cost and hybrid airlines in the world. In the areas of reservations, ancillary sales, loyalty, revenue accounting, and business analytics, Navitaire provides a broad range of tried-and-true solutions geared toward generating income and reducing expenses. An entirely owned subsidiary of the Amadeus Group, Navitaire has offices in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. 

Source: TripStack

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